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Wrinkles? Bleeding gums? Just find out at home if it has to do with collagen breakdown. 

Your skin is increasingly losing elasticity? You discover bleeding spots after brushing your teeth? And you would like this to stop? Especially in advanced age, the natural breakdown of collagen usually leads to the symptoms mentioned. With the neotes self-test for home use, you can quickly and easily find out whether this is also the case for you – and take appropriate countermeasures.  

  • Science based: The first truly reliable test of its kind 
  • No need to visit the dentist / doctor: simply carry out the test at home 
  • Quick test result with clear answer instead of comprehensive laboratory analysis 
  • PerioSafe® measures the aMMP-8 concentration in saliva (aMMP-8 is an enzyme that breaks down collagen in the body and is therefore an indication of the ageing process) 


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A worldwide patented analysis procedure for the aMMP-8 biomarker

Dentognostics PerioSafe® is the first scientifically based self-test for collagen stability in the body: it determines collagenolytic activity in the mouth based on the concentration of the aMMP-8 biomarker. aMMP-8 is an important enzyme that indicates collagen degradation in the body and is therefore also an indicator of health. 

  • PerioSafe® detects acute degradation of collagen 
  • Degradation of collagen from soft tissues is associated with biological ageing 
  • PerioSafe® indicates soft tissue breakdown associated with periodontal disease long before it is visible to the naked eye 
  • Periodontal disease is associated with future health limitations
  • Periodontal disease is associated with chronic disease 
  • Aim is to reduce aMMP8 marker to reduce disease risk and increase life expectancy 


PerioSafe® is a lateral flow test that is easy to use – similar in design to a Corona quick test: you can simply read whether your collagen levels are stable or already degrading. 

The PerioSafe® test is positive - and now?

If the test shows a positive result, you have the option of taking action against collagen degradation. For example, a visit to your family doctor who analyses your supply of micronutrients is possible. It is also advisable to have your oral health checked by your dentist.  

The first direct intervention is to supplement the micronutrients calcium alphaketoglutarate and vitamin D to improve your immune status. One of the main risk factors is smoking, quitting smoking improves many health markers in the body. 

If the retest continues to be positive after three months, despite following the above recommendations, discuss reasonable next steps with your doctor. An optional step is the neotes bioAge test. This will give you further insight into the impact of your lifestyle and help you learn more about the oral health-body connection. 

Collagen degradation: What you can do

Connective tissue is found in organs, muscles and fascia, all the way to the skin. It forms the flexible supporting skeleton of the body. The most important building material for connective tissue is collagen – the collagen fibres keep connective tissue firm and elastic. So you can imagine the immense influence that a pathological or age-related breakdown of collagen has on the body. The Dentognostics PerioSafe test measures acute collagen degradation in the mouth at the time the sample is taken. 

Increased collagen breakdown can lead to sagging skin, angled arms and drooping legs, and in extreme cases, even tooth loss. Collagen degradation is closely linked to connective tissue weakness and accelerated biological ageing. Periodontitis leads to collagen and tissue breakdown in the mouth, is an inflammatory disease and a gauge of systemic inflammation and future risk for chronic disease. 

Often starting with bacteria-rich plaque in the mouth, periodontitis is the most common cause of tooth loss in adulthood. If you do not detect and treat periodontitis in time, a chronic disease can develop. Bacteria that increase in the bloodstream due to periodontitis affect the whole body and increase systemic inflammatory markers such as CRP. 

As you can see, although periodontitis always starts in the mouth, it is not an oral disease, but is now classified by medical research as a metabolic disease. With the PerioSafe test you intervene – in the best case before the first signs appear. 


With the PerioSafe® you measure the aMMP-8 concentration in your saliva. aMMP-8 is an enzyme that is specialised in collagen degradation. The self-test therefore shows you exactly the current level of collagen degradation in your mouth. There is a lot of evidence in science that the aMMP-8 marker is not only related to oral diseases, but also systemic diseases. 

The self-test is scientifically based and patented. Compared to other products, you can order this test conveniently at home and do not have to make an appointment with your dentist to be tested. 

Here you can find a study on the connection between the aMMP-8 marker and systemic diseases.