Longevity Expert Consultation

This Longevity consultation gives you revealing details about the results of your neotes bioAge BASIC test.

  • Based on your epigenetic results, our team of competent Longevity-trained doctors provides you with a 25-minute online consultation to explain how you can take concrete action based on the evaluation of your biological age.
  • You are also welcome to discuss your other health data in conjunction with your neotes bioAge BASIC results.
  • We want to help you extend your life and maintain optimal health for you as long as possible! 


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Why Longevity consulting?

Age measurement with our neotes bioAge test can show you not only your biological age but also a lifestyle score on nutrition, physical fitness and smoking as well as your personal probabilities of contracting age-related diseases. In our consultation, the test results are explained in detail by our experts, correlated with other health data you may have mentioned and a personal longevity strategy is discussed with you. 

“David Sinclair’s book ‘Lifespan’ has convinced me as a doctor interested in longevity that the latest findings in ageing research can bring added value to our 55+ generation in terms of quality of life and health in old age. At neotes, everyone can inform themselves with understandable texts as well as start the journey of age intervention with us with behavioural changes and epigenetic tests and the intake of selected vital substances.” 

Dr. med. Hella Müller | neotes Longevity Expert