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About us

We are doctors, we are scientists, we are tekkies. We are united by a vision of helping people live longer, healthier lives. Our mission is to help people slow down and even reverse ageing, as well as recognise and prevent disease risks. We are dedicated to sharing the latest scientific findings with our customers and only recommend what is necessary.  We believe that ageing is not an unalterable fate, and we are committed to helping people stay healthy for as long as possible.  

Overall, longevity research has a great influence on societal and personal level. If the ‘healthspan’ (the healthy phase in life) can be prolonged and the prevalence or length of age-related diseases reduced, we can save costs for our health system and maintain greater and longer productivity for society. On a personal level, each of us can enjoy vitality for longer, get to know our great-grandchildren and can contribute to family and society longer. 

It is only when we ourselves or loved ones are affected by life-threatening diseases such as cancer that we witness how much suffering this disease brings. Every year, half a million people alone contract cancer and a quarter of a million die from this insidious disease. If we take care of our health today and thus in good time, we will be spared a lot. Longevity means growing older healthily, optimising oneself and also rejuvenating old age. 

neotes - derived from vεóτης ancient Greek for "youthfulness"

The brains behind the innovation

PD Dr. med. Axel Polack

Senior Scientific Advisor | Founder

PD Dr. med. Axel Polack is a physician and habilitated virologist with more than 50 peer-reviewed publications. With more than 30 years of experience both as an active basic researcher of the molecular causes of cancer development and as an investor in the development of drugs and medical devices, he is the scientific driving force in the founding team. He came across the topic of longevity through his personal acquaintance with Prof. Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard University. Reading his book then fully convinced Dr. Polack that something can already be done today to combat the ageing process. 

“I have been working on cancer development and the recognition of cancer cells by the immune system since 1980. I am convinced that research into the molecular processes of ageing will lead to new approaches to disease prevention and a postponement or avoidance of typical chronic diseases, just as there have been recent therapeutic breakthroughs in cancer.” 

Dr. med. Irmi Huber

Managing Director | Founder

Dr. med. Irmi Huber is a doctor with a passion. She has been ensuring that innovative treatment methods are made available to us for over 25 years. Through her international experience, but also her very personal perspective as a nearly 60-year-old, she has been intensively involved in research on longevity for several years. 

“With the recent research on measuring biological age, we have the opportunity not only to measure age intervention, but also to get epigenetic disease clues. The knowledge of how we can scientifically, influence our ageing, measure it and if necessary reduce life-threatening disease probabilities is something I would like to share with you.” 

Solveig Haupt

Product Developer | Founder

Solveig Haupt has a degree in business administration and health science with 20 years of experience in life sciences, digital and global health, and the international development sector. After studying in the USA, she developed a penchant for developing innovative solutions. She has demonstrated this as a product developer and strategist for several international pharmaceutical companies in the USA, Western Europe, Asia and Africa. She is also a lecturer on fundamentals and digital solutions for global health at the Hasso Plattner Institute at the University of Potsdam. With her passion for advances in longevity research and digital technology, she creates products at neotes that help us live healthier for longer.  

“I’m motivated by harnessing the latest findings in longevity research and advances in digital technology to develop novel and customer-friendly products, so that my generation and the generations to come not only have a longer lifespan, but above all a healthier one.” 

Roman Kacer

Managing Director | Founder

Despite his 34 years of youth, Roman Kacer has been a digital and start-up entrepreneur for almost 20 years, mostly in the health sector. Inspired by his mother, who is a doctor. Convinced by Ismail’s book ‘Exponential Organizations’, Roman is digitising the longevity idea of neotes to make the latest findings available and affordable for everyone. Last but not least, this is also a sustainable contribution to society: only if everyone becomes healthier will our healthcare system of today remain affordable tomorrow due to demographic developments. 

“As a doctor, my mother got me interested in health issues early on, but I was even more fascinated by the digital world, which became my vocation. After reading the book ‘Exponential Organizations’ by Salim Ismail, I had the idea to bring these two topics together so that scientific findings from Longevity research can be used as innovative products to help everyone live longer and healthier.” 

Our scientific claim

Longevity research is achieving amazing results all over the world right now and with neotes you benefit from it in real time because we are involved in this research. We work as a globally networked team of doctors and researchers. Whether it is Prof. David Sinclair and Prof. Steve Horvath in the USA, Dr. Alex Zhavaronkov in Hong Kong, or Prof. Bischoff-Ferrari in Switzerland.

We are intensively involved with the latest scientific findings in the field of epigenetics, biotechnology and the development of innovative longevity-relevant nutritional supplements whose effects can be medically proven. Our customers should receive scientifically proven answers on how to achieve a long and healthy life. 

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. DSc. Prof. Stefan G. Pierzynowski

Leading researcher in the field of alpha-ketoglutarate as well as scientist at Lund University in Sweden

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Alexander Römmler

Specialist in gynaecology, special expertise in endocrinology and preventive anti-ageing medicine, co-founder and honorary president of the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine e.V. (GSAAM) 

Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kleine-Gunk

Specialist in gynaecology and nutritional medicine, expert in mock fasting and stimulation of autophagy through spermidine and cell regeneration for natural rejuvenation, President of the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine e.V. (GSAAM)